Acorn Innovestments

From Little Acorns, Mighty Oaks Do Grow

Acorn Innovestments is a fund management company. We offer corporate partnerships and investment rigor to our portfolio in order to help young acorn-stage ventures grow into healthy, mature oak-stage companies. A lone tree exposed in a meadow is at great risk, but trees working together help their partners survive. Our partnerships with established companies, mighty oaks, are a forest in which our portfolio of early-stage ventures, little acorns, can successfully grow and thrive.

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Get to know the Arborists

Mike, Bob, and Leif are the Acorn team looking for companies that use materials in advanced ways to solve environmental problems.

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Plant A Seed

Do you have a great business idea? Need funding, help with your vision, strategy, and Business Development? Do you need new industrial facilities? We can help!


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