A tree alone in a meadow is exposed and at great risk, but trees that work together help their partners survive, thereby enhancing their chances of growing to maturity. At Acorn Innovestments, we offer corporate partnerships and investment rigor to the portfolio companies in our White Oak Innovestment Fund.

We believe that in the right environment and with the proper nurturing, acorns can grow into mighty oaks. Our mission is to find acorns (startups) with potential to benefit from the environment and nurturing that we are able to provide. We are focused on innovative businesses where our past experiences and networks can serve to help nurture and grow the organizations.

Acorn is well positioned to use its network and expertise in manufacturing and materials to nurture and grow new innovations and new companies that are solving current and future environmental problems. We have more than thirty years of experience with entrepreneurial manufacturing and a network of established companies, mighty oaks, to help early stage ventures, little acorns, grow.