Fruits of our Labor

The new money men

Interesting article about VC’s as entrepreneur services companies… The new “marriage” between venture capitalist and their portfolio companies… In a world in which companies can flame out in mere weeks or months, the second boom’s venture capitalists are just about married to their entrepreneurs. Call it attached at the app.

Entrepreneurs’ hopes ride on the winds

News & Observer article about GreenSky Wind Systems… A potential Acorn portfolio company that is looking for more investors to follow Acorn’s lead…

With a Leaner Model, Start-Ups Reach Further Afield

I guess if we are going to talk about lean financing of innovative start-ups, or Innovesting (see previous posts), we should also talk about the virtues of lean start-ups… being raised in manufacturing, I’ve learned by seeing and doing that lean is king… not cash ;-)… and as I said before, too much cash on

Building For The Long Haul

I love this article about building lasting, sustainable businesses with a long-term focus… Be lean and keep your quarterly numbers in control, but do it all to accomplish your long-term vision… What will your company look like in 15 years? What do you need to do on a year basis in order to get there?