What are Innovestments™?

Innovestments™ are what we make and what we do. They are at the core of who we are as founders, investors, and business developers. Innovations solve problems. Investments grow resources. Innovestments™ put resources to work to deliver solutions, grow a better tomorrow, and create substantial returns for all stakeholders.

We provide:

White Oak

bioMASON employs bacteria to “grow” a durable cement in ambient temperatures between loose grains of aggregate; producing building materials without emitting greenhouse gases, and without the depletion of non-renewable resources.

Biobricks made with biocements have been tested for physical strength properties by third party testing and currently reach comparable performance to traditional masonry. However, bioMASON is initially addressing large non-structural projects, and similar sub-markets that are substantial in size.

Investor since September 2013.


Formerly SIS, ndustrial.io, has recently executed a strategic investment from SF-based PE firm, Bay Grove Capital, to extend their energy management technology, nSight, into the Industrial Internet of Things as a scalable platform as a service (PaaS).

Investor since February 2011.

Tethis develops and markets super-absorbent biodegradable foams and powders in various water treatment industries under the product name Tethex. Based around a patented technology, Tethis solves the risk, cost, and technical difficulties found in the treatment of highly concentrated brine waste as well as other hazardous wastes.

Tethex is made from a combination of readily available organic, bio-degradable materials. The product is able to absorb many times its weight in salt. There is no other known substance that can match its performance. Tethis has a worldwide license from North Carolina State University for all uses of the Tethis technology.

Investor since January 2013.